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*** Next Club Meeting - January 6th - Covid restrictions permitting***

Flying model aircaft at the former RAF Llandow since 1963


BMFA Afilliated
(Club No. 234)

Over 100 members

Training freely available

Monthly Club Meetings

Regular Events

Next Club Meeting
No meetings until further notice.

6 Bells Pubs & Restaurant
Nr. Barry



Welcome to the SWRCS Web Site.

We hope you find our site to be a useful, informative and interesting. We also hope that Club members will use the site as a first point of call for Club news, events, contacts and information.

There's also a special 'Members Area' where paid up SWRCS Members can access more Club information. This is a protected area and all members will be issued with Log In details when they join. Current members will receive log in details via our usual methods, e-mail etc.

We welcome SWRCS Members comments about the web site. Any suggestions for additions, changes or improvements you'd like to see would be appreciated so we can continue to develop the web site for the benefit of members.

News: New
2022 Fees Now Due
2022 fees have now been set and reflect the £2 increase from the BMFA.

Current Restrictions
Please adhere to all current Welsh Government guidelines regarding travel, firebreaks, lockdowns and social distancing and gatherings.

The CAA Drone & Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme (DMARES)
BMFA members with a BMFA achievement will automatically receive CAA Operator/Flyer IDs if the £9 registration fee is paid along with their BMFA renewal fee. Most members already pay the BMFA via the SWRCS and I presume they will pay the CAA fee through the club as well.  There will be a period of exemption (until the 31st of January) to allow for the time taken for administration. Note that the CAA will email your ID numbers to you so please make sure that your email address is showing on your membership details on the BMFA web site at: https://bmfa.azolve.com/Account.mvc/LogIn.

However, from the 30th November, those without a recognised BMFA Achievement should take the BMFA’s Registration Competency Certificate test at https://rcc.bmfa.uk/rcc before they fly.

April 2019
On Friday 25th April the CAA published a consultation (CAP1775) on their proposed charges for the registration of all operators of all unmanned aircraft between 250gm and 20 Kg– which includes the vast majority of our members - and also mandates online competency testing and age restrictions. The fee the CAA is proposing for registration is £16.50 per annum which we consider to be excessive and a barrier to participation.

Following our AGM the Committee has now changed a little. See HERE (Members Only)

We now have are own Face Book page. Click on the link on the left to find and follow us.

American indie band the Local Natives video at Llandow.
Click HERE to watch 'The Ecstatic Flight of the Llandow Visually Impaired Harriers' oh and a talking sandwich!


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